This blogsite was started in 2008 to share my own analyses of issues relating to climate change, something which has captivated me since I discovered this thing in the late 1980s. But then I also started using the blog to archive, in a somewhat organised fashion, analyses I was able to share relating to my work as an education planner and education economist. The blog now clearly fulfils both these functions.

What I also started doing in 2019, is to replicate my Facebook ‘Martin Gustafsson’s Take on Data’ blog here (the link to the original Facebook version: – Facebook membership not needed). That blog deals mostly with education data, but there are also posts on environmental data. What is replicated here is just my initial postings. To see responses, and my responses to responses, you’ll need to go to Facebook. A key reason I did this replication was to facilitate searching - you can't really search using keywords in Facebook.