My name is Martin Gustafsson and I live in Tshwane. I'm originally a school teacher but now work as an education economist. My 'myemissions' website is the outcome of some voluntary work on a topic that has interested me since I found out about it in the 1980s, namely human-induced climate change. More generally, the concern of the website is our relationship with our natural environment. My aims, from least to most ambitious, are the following: Firstly, I would simply like to share within a formally structured document the answers I've found to questions I thought were important, yet not well answered in, for instance, the mass media (see the 'Q&A document'). Secondly, I'd like to produce and then share teaching materials on climate change that teachers in South African schools (or schools elsewhere) might find useful. Thirdly, and I admit this is very ambitious, I'd like to produce an online greenhouse gas emissions calculator that doesn't suffer from a typical problem of these calculators, namely that one's calculated emissions cannot be compared with official per capita emissions figures, because the former leave out so many things.

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